Indian Horse

In the end, what happens as a result of the argument? Explain why they leave and where they intend to go. Chapter 5-8

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The next day, Saul’s grandmother prepares Ben’s body for burial while the rest of the family mourns. She plans a traditional burial, where the body will be laid on the earth in a high place. His mother objects furiously, calling Naomi a heathen, and insists that Ben receive a Christian burial instead. Naomi tries to change her mind, and her husband’s, but they decide to take the body and leave to find a priest. Everyone accompanies them but Saul and Naomi, who stay together and watch the canoe leave with Ben’s body. They never come back. When winter approaches, Naomi sees that they will die if they do not leave Gods Lake, so she decides to take Saul to Minaki, a town where they can find shelter with her nephew.