Indian Horse

Compare and contrast Indian Horse the book with Indian Horse the film. In what ways were they similar? In what ways were they different?

What was different in the movie and the novel? Should be long. 3 paragraphs or so. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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I was pretty disappointed with the film version. I suppose the film version was for many people who had not read the book. On its own, the film version was okay. As with many film versions of books, Indian Horse failed to capture the details and subtleties of the book. I thought that Saul's character was not developed in the movie, especially when he was a child at residential school. His love of hockey as well as his keen intellect were not developed well. Although many characters from the book were there, the movie failed to properly develop them: a few were simply left out. The character that takes Saul home when he became a drunk was not there. Similarly, Saul's billets in Toronto were missing. Saul's experiences with white teams before he made the Maple Leaf's farm team was missing. I also thought the magic of Saul's time in the native hockey league was missing. That's just my take.