Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Describe the horrors that Linda faced between Betty"s house and her grandmother"s home

in incidents in the life of a slave girl

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After Betty took her in and gave her somewhere to hide, Linda experienced many horrors....

1) Dr. Flint had her brother William and her two children in jail.

2) Dr. Flint's exasperation manifested itself in taking revenge out on Harriet's family. He jailed her uncle Phillip, accusing him of aiding Harriet. Phillip remained quiet, but Harriet feared he would crack under the Dr.'s cruelty and insults. The search for Harriet was renewed.

3) Aunt Nancy's husband had agreed to help her. He took her on his small boat and told her the plan was for her to hide in Snaky Swamp until her uncle Phillip prepared a hiding place for her. She was terrified of the swamp and passed a miserable night due to the vicious mosquitoes and massive snakes.

4) Harriet explains that there had been a shed built on her grandmother's property. There were boards laid across and then a triangular space made above them. This was to be Harriet's hiding place. No air or light was admitted. The highest part was only three feet tall. She was given a bed and laid there, even as rats and mice ran over her.

5) In her hiding place, she was attacked by hundreds of red insects and was burned by the hot sun.

6) In the winter she was nearly always frostbitten and miserable.