In the Time of the Butterflies

Who is Pena ?

In chapter ten , they talk about a character named Pena . Who is he ?


also why are the attending mass so much ?

what position does the church take on national events ?


What did she ask Pena for ? And did she get it ?

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Victor Alicinio Pena is the head of the northern division of the SIM. He is a very fat man with "sharp, piglike eyes," and a toady of Trujillo. After Pedrito and Nelson are arrested, he takes over their land.

In Chapter Seven, Patria links herself to Jesus in her suffering. The very first line is, "I don't know how it happened that my cross became bearable," following Jesus’ injunction to take up the cross and follow his ways. Also, as Jesus carried a cross and wore a crown of thorns in part as political torture, Patria says, "My crown of thorns was woven of thoughts of my boy." Also, until Padre de Jesus was arrested, gives a revolutionary sermon, the church was a place of revolutionary ideas against Trujillo