In the Time of the Butterflies

what impacts patria's decision to join the movement?

this happened in chapter 8 of In the Time of Butterflies i know that but i cant figure it out.

please help

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Patria was always concerned about the activities of her sisters. When her sister Minerva approached her about meeting on her property Patria agreed to allow the underground to meet there. Her son kept sneaking there to try and see what they were ding.

Patria goes to church to pray and while there the guerrillas open fire on about 30 people. A young man is running from them and he believes he is getting away when the bullet takes him from behind. Patria is close by him and sees his face as he falls to his death. She thinks of her son and is very distraught.

The priest shares with her that he is working with others and wanted to get a group from the church to join in the cause against the dictator. Patria's own sisters are now in and she sees that she has to do something as well.