In the Time of the Butterflies

what happened when the girls perform their skit for trijullo

in the time of the butterflies section 1, chapters 1-4

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Minerva and her friends win the recitation contest. They are invited, or rather ordered, to perform for Trujillo on his birthday. Minerva does not want to attend but Sinita wants to make the skit into a hidden protest. At the last point in the play, Sinita is supposed to step forward and show off her bow and arrow. Instead she breaks from the script and walks toward Trujillo's chair, taking aim at him. Ramfis grabs the bow and demands to know her family name. He demands that Sinita untie Minerva, on stage, with her teeth. Once released, Minerva chants Viva Trujillo!. Sor Asuncion gets angry with them for their behavior: they had done a very dangerous thing by provoking Trujillo.