In the Time of the Butterflies

The story is fantastic. The author blends fiction and history so well. Is there a downfall of the author taking fictional liberties with such important historical data?

Does the author take liberties that change the meaning of the events?

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Yes, this is a good story. It is important to note that, like many historical non-fiction books, Alveraz bases her books on true accounts. Alveraz, for example, invents the adolescence and early adulthood of her protagonists. Still Alveraz keeps the core elements of both the character and the plot intact. Most authors take certain liberties with historical based novels in order to convey a story and character. The trick is not to change the meaning of the protagonists' real counterparts. In Butterflies Alveraz is able to add enough detail to make her characters come alive while staying true to the real people involved.