In the Time of the Butterflies

In the time of the butterflies


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On November 25, on the way to Puerto Plata, Rufino decides to stop and pick up a young soldier who is hitchhiking. Maria Teresa is nervous about it, but Patria thinks they will be safer with him in the car with them, and Minerva makes small talk with him. The young soldier does not know who they are, but he reports that two politicals, Manolo and Leandro, were admitted last month but are going to be moved back to the capital in a few weeks. It begins to rain hard, but Rufino wants to keep driving. That morning, before they left, Dede had begged them not to all travel together, but they had ignored her.

The sisters stop at a store called El Gallo on the way to Puerto Plata to buy sewing supplies for their company. They decide to buy purses, too. But the salesclerk, Jorge Almonte, recognizes them and puts his card in Minerva's purse. As they drive past La Cumbre, they see Captain Pena's car parked there, and they realize there must be an ambush up ahead. This is corroborated by the card Jorge Almonte slipped Minerva, on which he has written, "Avoid the pass." But there is nothing to be done, so they keep driving.

Minerva suspects the young soldier is a plant, so she begins to interrogate him. They make it safely to Puerto Plata without stopping. They visit Leandro and Manolo, who asks Minerva not to drive back that night but to wait until the next day, saying, "Please, mi amor. There are too many rumors around." On the way out of town, they stop at a little restaurant/gas pump for refreshments. Minerva tries to call Chea Mirabal's house phone, but the line is busy. They decide to head home.