In the Time of the Butterflies

I have four questions and just would like to know where I can find them in the book.

Why is the regime afraid of the OAS inspectors?

Why does the church turn against Trujillo?

Why do the Americans assist another rebel group, but not the June 14 Movement?

Why do some people become SIM agents and informants?

I would just like to know where in the book i can find the awnsers or some thing close to it

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The OAS, otherwise known as the Organization of American States is investigating the political prisoners' situation in the Dominican Republic under the Trujillo regime. Findings might be cause for sanctions against the country and regime. 

Trujillo's violent behavior against his own people eventually turns the Church against him. His incessant bombing of their communites combined with countless murders lead the church to abandon him. 


In the Time of Butterflies

Do you know what chapters of the book I can find these awnsers


Any way u can tell me where they are in the book