In the Time of the Butterflies

How do Maria Teresa's and Minerva's feeling about their father other family differ?1

chapter 7

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Maria Teresa writes this chapter in her new journal, another gift from Minerva. Enrique Mirabal has passed away, and Maria Teresa is outraged that Carmen and her four daughters attended the funeral. Maria Teresa is struggling with her father's death. Because of the diary style of Maria Teresa's narration, often the reader must figure out what is being referred to because of the lack of specifics. For example, in the December 15 entry, Maria Teresa writes, "I can't believe she came to the funeral mass with her girls" without saying who "she" is. It is as if she is in such an upset state of mind that she doesn't bother to explain herself (after all, it is a diary and Maria Teresa knows who she is talking about). The reader infers that she must be referring to Carmen. Minerva is not as upset by the alternate family.