In the Time of the Butterflies

Explain the personal sacrafices that the Mirabel sisters make in their fight against tyranny?


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All the sisters are jailed and all but one are killed by the ruthless dictator Rafael Trujillo. THeir sacrifices take a terrible toll on their family and their own life purpose.

The central theme of this book is sacrifice; sacrificing oneself for the greater good, for others, and for one’s country. Throughout the entire novel the Mirabal sisters are exemplars of this as they sacrifice of their time, energy, and hearts to help not only the ones they love, but the many strangers about them who are suffering political injustice and violence. Minerva, who becomes a political icon and some sort of a hero because of her fighting spirit and call to action, consistently sacrifices herself in her combat of injustice, and expects the same of those around her. Her sisters follow her lead in sacrificing themselves through her persuasion and passion for what is right.