In the Time of the Butterflies

Dedé is in tears over some of the new regulation imposed by the regime. Why did the author include her reaction and her conversations with Jaimito? How does it help the reader understand the two and their relationship?

This is from chapter 5!

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There is a hint of foreshadowing, too, at the end of the chapter, when Dede considers Jaimito's marriage proposal. She is not surprised by it because she has always seen it as inevitable that she would marry Jaimito. "There was no question - was there? - but that they would spend the rest of their lives together." Notably, the question that interrupts her thought is both in the young Dede's mind and in the memory of the older Dede in 1994, remembering how she felt and how she might have suspected that she and Jaimito would end up getting a divorce. Even when she thinks of Jaimito fondly, as he begins to propose, Dede from the present cannot help but check the enthusiasm she felt at the time: "Her spoiled, funny, fun-loving man. Oh, what a peck of trouble she was in for."