In Cold Blood

what is the the meaning behind the big yellow bird?

in cold blood by truman capote. part four, pg 165 last sentence.

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What is interesting about the bird in Perry's dreams was that the bird's role in Perry's fantasy changed throughout the book. Originally the bird is his savior, a protector from evil that came to Perry during his darkest times. He states that the finale of the story he told Dick was "a source of private joy(92)." What is most interesting to me about the "big yellow bird" is that he did not fantasize about it. The bird came to him in his sub-conscience while he was sleeping. The bird was not something that came only when he wanted it to. He described the bird as being "taller than Jesus, yellow like a sunflower." Although I do not feel that the bird symbolized Jesus, I feel that the bird was a gift that was bestowed into Perry's psyche. The bird was his mind's way of escaping from the things that he feared. Not only escaping from his fear, but from reality as well. The reality that he was in a place that he had no control over; an orphanage that he was constantly abused in. The bird gave Perry protection and the hope that someday things would change and he would be in a better place.

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