In Cold Blood

What is one dysfunctional relationship in the novel and why is it continued regardless of it's obvious negative influence

In cold blood

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I could easily relate this question to Perry's dysfunctional upbringing, but Perry's childhood abuse is far too obvious. I think the most dysfunctional relationship in this story is the one forged by the two men themselves. Perry is sensitive, and the abuse he suffered as a child has left him outside of reality. Dick is masculine, almost arrogant..... everything Perry is not. In fact, had Perry not embellished his "killer tendencies," Dick probably would not have bothered with him at all. Perry desire for acceptance causes him to lie...... Perry's lie about murdering a roommate cements their partnership.

These two men are partners in one of the most horrific murders imaginable, but they do not trust each other. Dick's macho demeanor might be the attraction for Perry's homosexual tendencies, although nothing in their story leads us to believe their relationship was in anyway romantic. I think that Perry wanted to emulate Dick..... he may even have been attracted to him, but attraction for him was not the basis of their relationship.