In Cold Blood

what are some good quotes that describe Dick and Perry's relationship in In Cold Blood

I need multiple quotes(as many as possible) from Truman Capotes novel In Cold Blood that describe their unconventional relationship! I need help and Quick!

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Of course, Perry could have struck out on his own, stayed in Mexico, let Dick go where he damn well wanted. Why not? Hadn't he always been 'a loner', and without any 'real friends'" (119)

"When Perry said, 'I think there must be something wrong with us', he was making an admission he 'hated to make'." (106)

Dick thinking to himself in jail: "It was Perry he ought to have silenced." (221)

Hadn't they almost had a fist fight when quite recently he had prevented Dick from raping a terrified young girl?" (195)

"I did make some advances towards the Clutter girl when I was there. But Perry never gave me a chance." (270)