In Cold Blood

Is the connotation positive, neutral,or negative?

1.Expurgated: Dewey admits it, but he adds that exept for an apparently somewhat expurgated version of his own conduct, Hickcock's story support Smith. (i thought either neutral or negative)

2. Abstemious: He did not drink smoke, and of course did not drink..a congregation totaling seventeen hundred, most of whom were as abstemious as Mr.Clutter could desire. (Postive?)

3.Bravura: A marvel,really, the ease with which Dick negotiated changes of mood;in a trice,all trace of meaness of sullen bravura, had evaporated. (Negative?)

4.Purloined: But while the purloined guitar presented to ownership problem,his remaining property did. (I was blank but I guessed positive)?

5.Jaunty:As he was brought into the warehouse, Smith recognized his old foe,Dewey; he stopped chewing a hunk of Doublemint gum he had in his mouth, and grinned and winked at Dewey,jaunty and mischievious. (Felt negative to me but definition wise it was positive)

6.MinistrationsHaving established premeditatio of great degree, Green left the witness to the Ministration of the defense. (Neutral?)

7.Pugnacious: Short, pugnacious, a Kentuckian by birth, Green began pointing out to the court that Kansas' law, in regard to sanity...

two more that's it

8.Somolent: Perry looked at the invalid, still somnolent,dazed,deaf, and he looked at the boy who returned his gae calmly, not being, not for "asking for anything," and Perry remebered himself at that age ,his own wanderings with an old man. (Postiive or neutral? it was a flip flop difficultyi felt like perry changed within himself seeing the grandpa but it could be neutral.)

Last one!

9.Haranguing: Along with Buffalo Jones, who lost his money and then his mind(the last years of his life were spent haranguing street groups against the wanton extermination of the beasts he himself had so profit able slaughtered), the glamours of the past are today entombed. (Positive or Neutral?) 

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I'm sorry, we cannot answer these types of questions. This is a short-answer forum designed for specific, text related questions. 

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