In Cold Blood

in cold blood pages 77-120

what is perry's premonition as he and dick sit reading the paper in the diner a few days later? describe at least one other time where perry has had a similar feeling. what is dick's reaction?

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In a Kansas City diner, Perry and Dick read a newspaper report about the crime. Dick is confident that the murder cannot be traced to them, but Perry makes reference to a possible connection – someone by the name of “Floyd” – which flusters Dick.

Perry recalls a recurring dream, in which he is rescued from danger by yellow parrot, who “wings him away to paradise.” In the course of his retelling, the narration offers hints of a troubled childhood. Dick ridicules the dream and Perry, whom he recalls from their early days in prison to be overly fretful, sensitive and romantic, “such a kid.” Perry, on the other hand, regards Dick’s cavalier machismo with a mixture of awe and disdain. In prison, Perry recalls, “he’d wanted Dick’s friendship, wanted Dick to ‘respect’ him, think him ‘hard,’ as much the ‘masculine type’ as he had considered Dick to be” (111). For this reason, Perry invented a story about murdering a black roommate with a bicycle chain, after which, sure enough, Dick began to regard him as a possible accomplice, and perhaps even someone to be “afraid of”