In Cold Blood

in cold blood pages 159-187 III answer part 1

what are two clues from detective Nye after his interview with mr and mrs hickocks and how does the evidence corroborate the wells story?

why didn't perry and dick kill mr bell?

what are some of the key pieces of evidence gleaned by detective Nye while investigating perry in las vagas?

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The detective sees a .12-gauge Savage shotgun, Model 300 that he thinks was used in the murder. Here's a quote of the other detail.

“Now, I’ll just run through this, see if I have it straight. Perry Smith arrived in Kansas Thursday, the twelfth of November. Your son claimed this person came here to collect a sum of money from a sister residing in Fort Scott. That Saturday the two drove to Fort Scott, where they remained overnight—I assume in the home of the sister?”

Mr. Hickock said, “No. They never could find her. Seems like she’d moved.”

You need to ask each question separately, there isn't enough room for all in one space.

Why don't Perry and DIck kill Mr.Bell?



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