In Cold Blood

how is the text organized and why?

in cold blood. help!!

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Capote's text is written in a narrative throughout the novel, but where he strays from the norm is what makes this novel so compelling. In Cold Blood is written from two perspectives; the author tell the story from both the victim's perspective and from that of the killers. He uses the third person omniscient point of view and writes in a completely unbiased way. There is no placing of blame; it isn't a story about the killers or the victims; it's simply the story the way it happened. We don't know Capote's personal feelings about the characters, and he doesn't even give us a glimpse. Capote did an enormous amount of research before writing this text, and even with author's license he doesn't pass judgement; he allows the reader to make his/her own judgment. This book is flawless........... and when you're done reading please rent the DVD............ it's chilling!


In Cold Blood