In Cold Blood

Describe the scene at the gas station and explain the bicycle chain story?

Describe the gas station scene and explain the bicycle chain

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Latham and York?

The bicycle chain story was a lie...... a fiction.

We parked and drank a few more beers. King got out of the car, and I followed after him. He didn't see I'd picked up this chain. A bicycle chain I kept under the seat. Actually, I had no real idea to do it till I did it. I hit him across the face. Broke his glasses. I kept right on. Afterward, I didn't feel a thing. I left him there, and never heard a word about it. Maybe nobody ever found him. Just buzzards."
There was some truth in the story. Perry had known, under the circumstances stated, a Negro named King. But if the man was dead today it was none of Perry's doing; he'd never raised a hand against him. For all he knew, King might still be lying a bed some-where, fanning himself and sipping beer.
"Or did you? Kill him like you said?" Dick asked.
Perry was not a gifted liar, or a prolific one; however, once he had told a fiction he usually stuck by it. "Sure I did. Only - a nigger. It's not the same."


In Cold Blood