In Cold Blood

As they are being questioned, where do Dick and Perry’s stories diverge?


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When interrogation of the two suspects begins, the detectives initially withhold any mention the Clutter case, and allow Dick and Perry to assume they are being held for parole violation. The pair have agreed upon an alibi for the night of November 14th, which they confidently present to the questioning parties. After several hours, the detectives come forth with the real reason for the questioning: that Perry and Dick are wanted for quadruple homicide, an accusation which catches both men off guard (Dick more so than Perry). They are relegated to jail cells at opposite ends of the building.

In subsequent rounds of interrogation, the detectives present the evidence against the two men: Floyd Wells’ testimony, along with the two sets of footprints found at the crime scene, which perfectly match two pairs of boots in the duo’s possession. In a panic, Dick accuses Perry of the murders: “It was Perry. I couldn’t stop him. He killed them all.”