Questions for book 22 and 24

Who urges Hector not to fight?

How does Achilles defile Hector's corpse?

Why does Priam journey to Achilles' tent?

In Achilles' story, what do the urns contain?

What does Hermes advise Priam to do?

Who first sees Priam returning?

Why does Andromache think her son may be killed?

Which divinity aids Achilles?

What advice do Priam and Hecuba give to Hector as he stands outside the walls of the city?

How does Athena deceive Hector?

Why is Zeus unable to save Hector?

True or False: Achilles tells Hector that he will honor his dying request

What does Achilles agree to do to allow Hector a proper burial?

Hector was able to keep Achilles from overtaking him because...?

Answers are greatly appreciated! I need them in the next thirty minutes if possible >.<

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Who urges Hector not to fight