In his oath Agamemnon, achilleus forshadows what events?

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In the Iliad, Achilles swears an oath towards Agamemnon that foreshadows many possible events. It foreshadows a new found desire for Achilles. This is expressed in the oath when Achilles says: “someday, I swear a yearning for Achilles will strike Achaea’s sons and all your armies!” Achilles is telling Agamemnon that one day all of his armies and people will no longer want him and they will acquire a desire (or yearning) for Achilles. Achilles’ oath also foreshadows the death of Agamemnon. You see this embodied when Achilles states: “…Atrides as harrowed as you will be, nothing you do can save you...” This is foreshadowing that when Agamemnon’s armies acquire that yearning for Achilles that Achilles will kill him, take over, and there will be nothing that Agamemnon will be able to do to stop him. It also foreshadows Agamemnon will die disgracefully. We know this because in Achilles oath he says: “…you will tear your heart out, desperate, raging, that you disgraced the best of the Achaeans!” Achilles is telling Agamemnon straight up that he will die disgracefully. The oath Achilles makes to Agamemnon is not a good one; however, it foreshadows many important events to come.