how does the story start and what issues appear?

how does the iliad start and what problems is there along the way. like why does everything start

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The Iliad tells the tenth year of the Trojan War and sees many things in retrospect. Issues include the taking of the slave Briseis from Achilles by Agamemnon and Achilles' subsequent withdrawal from the fighting on the beach at Troy. When Achille's cousin/friend takes Achilles' armor to try to inspire the men in the fight, he is killed and the armor taken. You see the gods intervene in the story when Aphrodite intervenes in a battle between Menelaus and Paris on the plains at Troy as she spirits the losing Paris away. In the end, Achilles kills Hector, the Trojan prince, and drags his body disgracefully around the city walls of Troy. Priam, king of Troy, begs for his son's body and is finally allowed to have funeral games for Hectgor which last for nine days.