Do the Trojan walls symbolize anything?

Just wondering, and the way Hector ran around them, y'know?

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One could argue that the Trojan Wall represents all the walls we build around ourselves for protection. And do they really work? All it took was a little clever trickery from those Greeks "bearing gifts" to bring down the wall!

The walls were Troy's defenses. The stronghold. The last refuge. To read more than the physical into them is to go beyond the intent. Homer was relatively simple in his relation of physical aspects of the story.

Really? Beyond the intent? You know, you have to appreciate the fact that most of the authors you read are a lot smarter than you. Of course you have to read into them. Homer wasn't a simple guy. Homer didn't write about simple things. Did you read the Iliad? It's not "Curious George" we're talking about here.