Book 24

What did the greeks do after patroklos funeral rights. Book 24

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Achilles hosts the elaborate funeral games to honor the memory of his friend. The Greeks placed great importance on commemorating the deaths of their heroes and loved ones, and here Achilles glorifies Patroclus' name with a lavish funeral. We see a very different side of Achilles here. He is civilized, a great and gracious host. He supervises the games well, interceding diplomatically when disputes arise during the chariot race, giving lavish prizes as promised and then giving still more. His behavior here complicates the view of Achilles as brutal killing machine; he is no savage, but instead proves himself here to be a man of refinement and generosity. After the brutality of the previous fighting, we are allowed to see Achilles as he is during times of peace. Even his treatment of Agamemnon is generous, as he awards the king first prize in the spear throw in deference to the king's status.