I Will Marry When I Want

ngugi’s I will marry when i Want is all about the political history of Kenya?

What is your opinion about this statement?

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The storyline of the play centers on a peasant farmer and his wife, who are tricked into mortgaging their home and plot of land to finance a 'proper Christian wedding' by the owner of the adjacent shoe factory in order, in conjunction with a local bank manager, to allow the owner of the factory to acquire the piece of land in order to expand his business. The play also points an accusatory finger at church institutions that are complicit in facilitating the wedding arrangements and act only as a means for the oppressed workers to drown their sorrows, juxtaposing them with the local bars in which the characters spend their time. The story echoes the Biblical King Ahab, who is pressured by his wife Jezebel, to kill a vineyard owner, Naboth, and seize his vineyard.

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