I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

List the difference in mothering styles between vivian and mamma

List the didderence in mothering styles

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Momma Henderson

Maya and Bailey's grandmother, and their father Bailey Sr.'s mother. She owns a store in Stamps, Arkansas, and is a highly religious, very exacting woman. She moulds Maya and Bailey into intelligent, polite, and religious children. She is strong and practical, but embarrasses Maya in not standing up to prejudice.

Vivian Baxter, Maya's mother

She is a strong, tough woman who is also beautiful and charming. Maya remembers seeing her sing and dance on several occasions. She and Maya become close, and she supports Maya during her pregnancy and when the baby is born. Bailey though is her favorite, and leaves home because their relationship is almost too close.


The book is very concerned with questions of motherhood, as Maya's mother and Momma are definitely crucial figures in her childhood. The novel also ends with Maya herself becoming a mother, and also gaining a sense of peace and fulfillment from her relationship with her mother, as well as being a mother herself.


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