I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

How does Maya changed throughout the story ?

How does Maya(Margarite) changed throughout the story from the beginning till the end? How does the Maya at the conclusion of the story compare to young Maya that we meet at the start! ? Please help me , I am beggiiiing!!!

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There is a big difference between the young Maya and the older Maya. While she is a child, she understandably has a childlike view of situations that may not always be reliable. The reader has to often read between the surfaces of things. Maya is confused about Baily Jr. not telling the truth and Mr. Freeman not being able to kill him. Also Mr. Freeman's "mysteriously" turning up dead is not lost on the reader. She tends to invent circumstances like Mother and the dentist. Still, the reader is just getting to know Maya and, as she matures, her childhood inconsistencies become more understandable.