I Am Malala

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Many women Malala mentions in the book are targeted, killed or wounded as a result of speaking out.  For example, Malala is named after Malalai of Maiwand, a folk hero who was killed by fire but inspired Afghan troops to victory.  And Malala describes Benazir Bhutto as a role model who inspired young women to speak out (Yousafzai 129).  How do the lives of these women parallel each other?  How are they different? Do the fates of Malalai of Maiwand and Benazir Bhutto foreshadow Malala’s fate

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The stories about each woman parallel each other because they were each strong women who died for something they believed it. They lived in a patriarchal world yet were so full of strength and honor. They died as martyrs for a national cause. Malala too is a strong girl. Like Benazir Bhutto, she has a keen intellect and a love for her country. Malala, like the folk hero, is ready to fight but with her brain and intellect. When Malala was shot, she was already famous for standing up for the rights of girls. She almost became a martyr but thankfully survived the ordeal.