I Am Malala

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Malala’s relationship with her parents, particularly her father, is arguably one of the most important factors in Malala’s story.  What are some of her father’s courageous acts that appear to inspire Malala most?  How does Malala’s courage mirror that of her father’s?  How does Malala’s relationship with her mother compare with her relationship with her father?

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Malala's father always held education in the highest regard. He felt that education was the only way Afghanistan can move out of the seemingly perpetual cycle of war and oppression. He especially saw the education of girls as a key to the future. In a country where acquiring an education was a luxury, girls were often excluded. Malala's father knew the keen intelligence and drive for education that girls possessed was being a wasted opportunity for the country. He saw in Malala, his daughter, and the chance for girls to change the status quo. Education could bring Afghanistan out of bickering patriarchal factions into a more unified and enlightened country. Malal took advantage of her father's progressive attitude and hungered for education. You need to submit each of your questions separately.