I Am Malala

Prologue/Chapter 1: A Daughter is Born

1) Why do so few people in Pakistan celebrate the birth of a baby girl? What is the attitude of Malala’s father’s toward the birth his daughter?

2) After whom is Malala named?

3) What are society’s expectations of girls? What are the attitudes of Malala and her father about the role of girls in society?

4) Before she was shot, did Malala fear for her own life?

5) Why do you think the KPK is independent? Does this cultural and geographical independence from the main part of Pakistan mean anything for the rest of Malala’s story?

6) What did Alexander the Great do when he reached the Swat Valley?

7) What are the various religions that have “ruled” the Swat Valley?

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The birth of a girl is considered a gloomy day. A daughter's role in life is to prepare food and have children..... nothing more. Whereas, the birth of a son os celebrated. Malala says that her father didn't care that she was a girl..... he fell in love with her at first sight. He even went so far as to request that friends throw dried fruits, sweets, and coins into her cradle..... something usually only done for boys.

Please ask your questions separately. 


I An Malala

Her father was happy she was a girl. He did things people would only do for guys.


I am Malala

it is a glomy day becase the women only give birth normaly.he dose the male costoms of birth.


i im malala



After whom is Malala named