I Am Malala

Malala ends chapter 14, by critiquing the US involvement in Pakistan being more about securing nuclear weapons than about human rights. Is she correct in her concern?

i am malala question help quick pls

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Malala certainly has a point about America's intentions. Initially they did send about 21000 more troops to help deal with the Taliban. The 200 nuclear warheads that Pakistan had, seemingly came as a surprise. Malala's subtext seems to be that America had no right to use the warheads as leverage against the Pakistani government. Unfortunately Pakistan has seldom seen stable governments. They are tied to some of the most sinister groups in terrorism and some of those 200 warheads could easily go missing and fall into the wrong hands.

Her concern is wrong because we all know that despite her father explaining to the govt. they need help in Swat, the govt. didn't help. Clearly Pakistan needs help. People sometimes doesn't understand help, when they don't get it, they complain no one helped, when they get it, they are not grateful. Strange people.