I Am Malala

First Chapter

2. In the first chapter, Malala describes herself as someone who belongs to many communities and assumes different identities: Pashtun, Muslim, female, Swat Valley resident, student. How does membership in each community influence the different parts of her life? Is there one identity that is the strongest force in her life? Or does it depend on the situation? How do you identify yourself? How does it influence your thinking or actions?

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I can only answer as far as Malala writes in her book. You will have to answer the personal question for yourself. Malala identifies herself in many traditional and non-traditional ways. Really, she is a humanist living in a society that is often dominated by Islamic fundamentalism. She loves to go to school, she is always a great supporter of girls and their rite to their own destiny, she is fiercely proud of her heritage. I think the one element that defines Malala is her unflinching support for education, especially education for girls. Malala felt that education was the key to breaking Afghanistan out of the cycle of war and poverty.