I Am Malala

By writing this very personal story

Do you agree with Malala’s assertion that “the pen and the words that come from it can be much more powerful than machine guns, tanks or helicopters”? (Yousafzai 157) If yes, what examples or situations can you think of in your own life or in American culture where this is true? If no, why and/or when is military force a better option?

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Yes I do agree with Malala. The pen can spread ideas, and ideas are bulletproof. You cannot kill an idea because it spreads as long as people are willing to hear it. Malala and her book break down barriers between Western and Islamic culture. There is a website called Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. Brendon has recently visited Pakistan and Iran. He posts pictures of normal people with a quote they have sais. These beautiful messages are incredible tonic for Westerners to change their perceptions of places like Malala's homeland.