I Am Malala

, why are Malala’s actions significant in terms of the worldwide struggle for human rights, in particular, girls’/women's rights?

Rights for women and girls are human rights.

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As Malala and her father note repeatedly, it would be easy to stop speaking out, fly under the radar, and allow the Taliban and its brutal regime to continue pushing them around. This, however, would go against their belief in the power that social and political activism has to elicit social change. Malala and her father's constant willingness to speak out—and the way they actually manage to change things for the better—is a shining example of how grassroots activism can make a difference. Women's rights and educating girls is the basis for a more enlightened and humane society.
This theme is the central focus of all of Malala's activism. Growing up in and around a school, Malala learned quickly the power that education has to shape a child's life, determine their future prospects, and give them the courage to speak up for what they believe in. It was because of her education that Malala was empowered to stand strong against the Taliban occupation of her home, and she has used her fame to try to give as many other children, especially girls, as possible the opportunity to go to school.