I Am David

I am David

what is amusing about his first talk with god?

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David pleads for God's help, all while admitting he doesn't know him. David's trust in the "God of green pastures" is touching..... endearing. His admission that he cannot do anything in return is amusing.

"God of the green pastures and the still waters, I am David and I choose You as my God! But You must please understand that I can't do anything for You, because I've always been in a wicked place where no one could think or learn or get to know anything, and so I know nothing about what people ought to do for their God. But the David Johannes used to talk about knew that even if he couldn't see You, You were there and were stronger than any men. I pray You will help me so that they won't catch me again. Then perhaps I can gradually find out about You so that I can do something in return ... I am David, Amen."


I Am David