How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Help me with these questions please !!

Chapter 1 – “A Regular Revolution” Carla, Sandi, Yoyo, Fifi

Guiding Questions:

1. What is strange about the years listed at the beginning of this second section?

2. Why does Papi decide to become an American citizen?

3. What kinds of mischief do the García girls get into, resulting in threats from the parents to

ship them back to the island?

4. Name two incidents from the story that show how the García girls stick together.

5. What is Mami’s “little revolution”?

6. Why do the Fifi’s sisters think she has turned into an “S.A.P?”

7. Who is Manuel Gustavo?

8. For what reasons do Fifi’s sisters question her relationship with Manuel? What is their

nickname for him?

9. Why do the García sisters finally decide to get rid of Manuel?

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I'll get one of these now and be back for the rest. Please don't ask more than two to three questions in one question module.

7) Manuel Gustavo is the illegitimate son of Tío Orlando, one of Carlos's brothers. Tío Orlando hides the infidelity from his wife by passing Manuel off as the son of Tío Ignacio, a bachelor whom the family suspects is homosexual. Manuel and Sofía date during the year Sofía spends in the Dominican Republic. Sofía is devoted to him, but her sisters find him repulsively macho, misogynist and willfully ignorant. He tries to control Sofía's clothing and appearance, reading material, and so on. Worse, he refuses to wear condoms, which he believes cause infertility. Sofía's sisters fear that she will become pregnant and be forced to marry him, so they plot to break up the relationship.