How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Describe how the character speaks, thinks, feels and acts in the short story of Daughter of Invention

describe how the mother speaks, thinks, feels and act in this story.

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Mother shows a drive and ingenuity that father does not have. She sees America as an opportunity for the girls rather than temporary respite until the Trujillo regime has toppled. She is an inventor who is both creative and practical. Yolanda compares her mother's help writing the trite, pleasant speech she delivers to the passing on of the "pencil and pad" (149) on which Laura had invented devices. The pencil and pad becomes a metonym for female ingenuity and resourcefulness. It represents the ways that Laura, Yolanda, and all the girls rise to the challenge—and opportunity—offered by American freedom and emphasis on individual achievement. Check out this GradeSaver link for more,