House on Mango Street

what is Esperanza strengths? what is her weaknesses? why is she important to the story? and a revealing statement from her?

these question refer to the house on mango street book.

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Esperanza is a determined girl. She is able to interpret her surroundings and the people in her community at a very young age. Eventually Esperanza feels it's her turn to take on the responsibility of leading the family,

"Esperanza felt like she had failed Mama in some way and wanted to make it up to her. Mama had been strong for her. Now it was her turn to be strong for Mama. She must show her that she didn't need to worry anymore."

Although she is only 13, Esperanza's determination to work and accomplish her goal of bringing Abuelita to the United States is fierce. Nobody is perfect but Esperanza goes through the growing pains that most girls go through, especially girls in her community. Her mistakes or weaknesses aren't faults more than a maturation process that she undergoes to be the person that she becomes.