House on Mango Street

what happens to esperanza when she and her friends are given some cast off shoes?

whaty happens to ezperanza when she and her friends are given some cast off shoes?

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Lucy, Rachel, and Esperanza inherit second-hand shoes from a small-footed neighbor. The girls are pleased with the way they look in the high-heels, and practice strutting their stuff around the neighborhood; they raise the interest of men and the disdain of other girls in the process......

The shoes change the girls by giving them self-confidence and awareness of their blossoming sexuality. As well as learning that they are attractive to men, the girl's also quickly encounter sexual double standards. For example, a man's threat "them are dangerousŠtake them shoes off before I call the cops" is a metaphor for the prevailing attitude that a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality is promiscuous and a threat. The girls also learn about another oppressive double standard: that by trying to fulfill cultural standards of female beauty they are putting themselves at risk for violence. When the drunkard offers Rachel five dollars for a kiss, we read a subtle social criticism of the way women- even young girls- are treated as a commodity that can be ogled, purchased and possessed. Please check out this excerpt from the GradeSaver-site link below.