House on Mango Street

What do the three old ladies promise Esperanza?

i need help answering this question please. chapter is three sisters

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This chapter begins with the death of Lucy and Rachel's baby sister. At the funeral, Esperanza meets "las comadres" or the three strange and mysterious old sisters who "had the power and could sense what was what." Without any warning, the old ladies inquire her name and examine her hands; they then tell Esperanza to make a wish. They promise that the wish will come true, and then "the one with marble hands" calls her aside and teachers her an important lesson. Esperanza learns that her ties are a circle and that, although she will leave Mango Street, she must return for those who cannot escape as easily. As if in answer to Esperanza's insecurities, the mystical woman tells Esperanza that she cannot forget what she knows, which is Mango Street, nor her identity, which is linked to her name.