House on Mango Street

what comparism and contrast does esperanza and sally have?

compare and contrast the two characters

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Comparatively, they are both young girls who desire adventure, love, and beauty. However, Sally is more outgoing and confident than Esperanza. She knows she is beautiful likes to play the role of a strong female never to be hurt by a boy. Esperanza admires and looks up to this. Esperanza does not want to be a "weak woman" and she sees Sally has her role model. Their home lives contrast also. Ironically, Sally is physically abused by her father each time he catches her with a boy.


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Esperansa and Sally are alike in many different ways. One way they are alike is they both have many people that like them. Another way they are alike is they both live on Mango Street but want to leave. Esperansa and Sally are both young and they both go to the same catholic school. An additional way Esperansa and Sally are alike is they both want to get married and have a life of their own and also be happy and free to do whatever the desire.