House on Mango Street


1.Can you give me a topic and a vignette that can represent the larger topic?

2.Also explain the significance of the vignette as an isolated piece.

3.And the significance of the vignette in relation to the book as a whole.

Suggested topics that are given by my teacher is growing up, class/economic differences, ethnicity and pride, gender roles, te power of language/writing, identity,escape,esperanza escaping/falling into her destiny to "come back"

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Vignette Topic:Esperanza loses some of her innocence because she is young and unsuspecting. Tell about a time that you or someone you know felt exploited because of youth and innocence.

The isolated significance would be to explain the changes in Esperanza throughout the course of the novel.

Esperanza's experiences affect the novel as a whole. Her sense of identity influences the book as a whole.


The House on Mango Street