House on Mango Street


Thanks for answering but Can you explain this topic little easier because i don't understand.

Vignette Topic:Esperanza loses some of her innocence because she is young and unsuspecting.

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Did you read the vignette?

First job = last days of carefree play

Her aunt finds her the job, but she's forced to lie about her age to get the job. Do we need to lie to get ahead?

Too young to know the rules/ what she can and cannot do

bathroom breaks (she doesn't take them)

lunch (she eats in the bathroom)

social aspects (does not know how to deal with customers)

********* Men- Esperanza is befriended by an older oriental gentleman

( the word gentleman is used loosely here). She thinks she's

found a friend to have lunch with~ hence loneliness on the

job is cured. He believes himself to have found a naive

little girl he can take advantage of (he doesn't know how

really "little" she is)........... and he tries. She has no

knowledge of men making passes........ but she learns.

Part of the "little" girl is now lost.


The House on Mango Street

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