House on Mango Street

Mango project? I need one.

Does anyone have any good ideas for a visual arts project I can do as a final assessment for House on Mango Street. I have to do a visual representation and presentation on one of the themes of the book. I can use any medium I want. Need ideas. Thanks!

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Three great ideas, number one is a quilt. It should be made up of individual squares dedicated to important vignettes, characters, events, symbols, or images in the novel. Each square should contain a visual representation and a relevant quotation from the text. On the back of each square (or an attached piece of paper, if the squares are numbered), you should explain your reasoning for selecting the event or character you portrayed. Why is it significant? The size of the quilt should be at least 5x5 (25 total squares). You may choose the materials for your quilt.

Number two, and art gallery. Esperanza provides detailed imagery throughout the novel. If you're artistic, just take your favorite mental pictures and put them to paper. Use quotations for each depiction.

Lastly, for the creative carpenter; create Esperanza's dream home. She talks about it often enough........ let's see what you think it looks like.