House on Mango Street

How can poetry help Minerva, who is involved in a violent relationship? How are Minerva human rights violated?

It needs to be 3 paragraphs

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Minerva spends her nights writing poetry after she puts her children to bed. They are filled with sadness and heartbreak, and they are her one emotional escape from the emotional and physical abuse her husband inflicts upon her regularly. She fold them poems and grips them in her hand, thus, she's able to focus her feelings of anger on the tiny pieces of paper rather than the people around her. Poetry gives Minerva an outlet for feelings she might not share or release in any other format; writing can be a form of self analysis.

As far as how her human rights are violated..... well, being beaten is a violation, be emotionally scarred is a violation. No woman should have to stay in an abusive relationship, and no man should have the right to abuse his woman.


House on Mango Street