House on Mango Street

Describe Elenita's Home

Describe Elenita's home in the book House on Mango Street

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The theme of home is complemented by the setting; in Elenita's home, domestic life and mysticism share a common space. While scolding her children and minding her traditional duties, Elenita conjures "los espiritus," prescribes folk remedies, reads tarot cards and searches for visions in beer glasses of water. This anecdote does not only serve as humor, or as an ironic commentary on how people will play on the credulity of others to make money, but also Elenita's home serves as a contrast to Esperanza's dream. Elenita's home is, in its own way, a "house made of heart" because Elenita uses it as a place of independent expression and self-sufficiency.