Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Bud's Jazz Records

Bud's Jazz Records (1986) Why does Henry go to Bud's Jazz Records, and why does he tell Bud he hadn't been around? What was the real reason he hadn't been around?

I am Japanese (1986) What relationship does Henry compare his relationship with Marty to?

What does Henry tell the owner of the hotel so he can go into the basement?

The Basement (1986) What condition is the basement in? What convinced Henry that he might find some of Keiko's things there?

Old News (1986) How does Henry think that Ethel would feel about his efforts?

Marty's Girl (1986) Why is Marty nervous about his father meeting his fiancee? How does Henry react?

Ume (1986) What is the Ume tree? When was it planted? Where did it come from?

Home Fires (1942) Who is waiting for Henry after he comes back from the burnings? WHy are they there? What does Henry do while he is translating between the two men?

Hello, Hello (1942) Who calls Henry? What does she want? What does she ask of Henry?

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Henry goes to Bud's Jazz Records to "stimulate his senses".... the same reason he went there as a young man. He tells Bud he's there because his turntable is broken (not untrue), but he's really there because his wife died six months earlier.

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Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet