Henry V

To what extent does Henry act as a Machiavellian in Act 3 of "Henry V"

I have various points on why he did act in this way during Act 3, for example his monolgue to the Governor, his "Once more unto the breach" speech etc, but i'm quite stuck for reasons why he wasnt a Machiavellian during this act. However any original or useful points with which to answer this essay question would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Thanks, I had found that and definitely thought it was useful, but was just wondering whether you knew of any reasons/sources to demonstrate that he wasn't acting as a Machiavellian in Act 3? I'm somewhat stuck for reasons for that. But thank you nevertheless

Most of act 3 is Henry's rousing war speech to his troops. Henry invokes images of love, honour, nature, God....He paints it on pretty thick. So, we must question if Henry is merely trying to manipulate his men into almost certain death or does he actually believe this stuff.